Bet even the ipad3 wont have this !!…A 3d camera!

DIY 3d Camera
by Farasbee

The ipad 3 will be launched this week! Rumour mills are rife with rumours of a 3d display, a 3d camera and 4G! But cant wait any longerto capture those 3d Images??? Why not make a 3d camera for yourself!!

This 3D camera build uses a Structured lighting technique to create a 3D representation that can be rendered with any 3D software.  Structured lighting is basically a set of images that are sequentially projected onto a scene and captured with an ordinary CMOS camera.  The deformation of the structured light is ran though  an algorithm to determine the depth at each pixel.  The resulting X,Y and Z coordinates (3D point cloud) are used to reproduce a 3D model of the scene.

Ill show you how to build this project step by step in the forthcoming posts.  If you cant wait and want to dive into the source code its up on Google Code.

  1. Hardware overview
  2. Structured Light vs Microsoft Kinect
  3. Setting up your BeagleBoard with Angstrom, toolchain, and openCV
  4. Installing your camera module and ENV.txt
  5. Installing a pushbutton and using BeagleBoard GPIO interrupts
  6. Downloading the SL source code and compiling natively on Beagle board
  7. Rendering results with Meshlab


3D pictures!

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