5 reasons why brands should NOT be scared of marketing on twitter

People are often afraid of what they don’t understand.

You can find this behaviour in all walks of life, from school children hating algebra to your grandmother being too scared to touch the computer in case she breaks it. It is only natural.

So since my grandmother isn’t present here are 5  reasons businesses are scared to use Twitter and the reasons why they shouldn’t be.

1.    It’s Just Not Profitable

Some businesses refuse to use Twitter as they deem it not profitable. Although measurement is a key part of the online landscape I think it is unhealthy and counterproductive to quantify every drop of blood, sweat or tear. Twitter has been very profitable and has had some tangible benefits for some business (Dell recently reported  $6.5 million in sales via Twitter)but more often than not it can have intangible benefits for a brand such as adding value and increasing brand loyalty in competitive markets. Now here comes the catch… ready? It only works if you do not use it as a business tool and instead treat it more like a platform to talk to people. If you do a bit of digging you can clearly see a pattern of how business are being successful. Firstly, they are not tweeting about their business, but instead as Internet Psychologist Graham Jones explains “they are simply being social; chatting, holding conversations, being friendly, even showing altruistic kindness. When you see Twitter merely as a system to hold conversations, as a social tool, your business will do well out of it.” Many businesses might not profit in a monetary sense straight away but can utilise the tool to strengthen relationships with existing customers which can ultimately improve key metrics such as life time value.

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